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Sunday, 23 February 2014

External Drive for the Raspberry Pi

The external USB storage drive is the only thing that gives me bother with the pi, originally I had an external IDE hard drive in my external case. It started out working fine and I'm sure it did so the whole time. The Raspberry Pi seemed to lose connection to the drive, it messed with Torrents and NZB's, SabNZBD and Transmission daemon were and still are the only extra packages I have installed of course along with their dependencies.

If you had both running you needed to download at about 250KB/s, more,  the RPI seemed to bog down the higher speed you downloaded at. It's still a damn handy always on Torrent client and NZB downloader that is on 24/7, 365 days a year.

I decided to rearrange my drives, I purchased two 2.5 hard drive enclosures and one 2.5 WD 300GB hard drive disk. I have a decent four port hub that should power it no problems, hopefully... So far so good, the new disk is working admirably, there was a few hiccups on the whole install process, but lots of searching on Google and forums had me finding the answers no worries.

I also thought it about time I bought a USB SATA dock used for inserting sata hard drives so they can be plugged in to a USB port on your computer, no screws just plug in a drive and go, start accessing your hard drive contents right away! The two external hard drive enclosures I bought are nice and slim and just small in general, dinky little cases really but will do their intended job just fine.

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