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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Zoneminder Camera Setup Examples

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Three Examples of Camera Configuration for Zoneminder

My first camera I bought for surveillance was an Edimax IC-520 from memory, a network camera with a resolution of 640x480px, it also has the great fisheye lens feature, I now believe a fisheye lens is an absolute must after using non fisheye lens cameras for Zoneminder. The Edimax sure is a reliable camera and definitely good enough for a surveillance camera.

Edimax IC-1520DP Network Camera Zoneminder Setup

There won't be a lot of text in this post, screenshots taken from the camera setup should be more than sufficient.

Edimax camera setup "General" tab

Name: Anything
Source Type: Remote
Function: Choose from - Monitor, Modect
Enabled: Checked
Maximum FPS: As low as reasonable, start with 5.00
Alarm Maximum FPS: I usually set double Max FPS
Reference Image Blend %ge: 7 though never tried changing this number, works fine!

Edimax camera setup "Source" tab

Remote Protocol: HTTP
Remote Method: Simple
Remote Hostname:
Remote Host Port: 80
Remote Host Path: /jpg/image.jpg
Remote Image Colours: 24 bit colour
Capture Width: 640
Capture Height: 480
Preserve Aspect Ratio: Unchecked
Orientation: Adjust to suit if necessary

Logitech C270 HD USB Webcam Zoneminder Setup

Logitech USB Camera Setup "General" tab

Logitech USB Camera Setup "Source" tab

Brickcom CB100A HD Camera Zoneminder Setup

Brickcom CB100A HD Camera Setup "General" tab

Brickcom CB100A HD Camera Setup "Source" tab

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