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Monday, 30 April 2012

ADSL2+ - Wow, what a Difference Moving House makes

Recently I moved house, well actually from a small house, to an even smaller flat for want of a better word, at my previous residence, I was about 2760 metres cable (telephone line) distance from the telephone exchange, going by ADSL2 exchanges website > (You are 2045 m from SRTN as the crow flies. Estimated cable length of 2760.75 m. Estimated speed of 8666 Zone 1), that's where I used to live, so I was never going to get great speeds at that distance.

I had two modems I used to play around with, in the hope to get the best speeds I could, a Netcomm NB6 and a Draytek 120 and always hooked up a separate router in the mix. At that distance the Draytek120 sucked, upload speed was better but download speed was worse, the Netcomm NB6 had the best download speed but the upload speed was not as good. These are smallish differences but when you live so far from the exchange you want to try everything you can to squeeze the best out of your poor speeds.

I was with iPrimus Naked at my previous address and stayed with them when I moved, I thought it would be easier to relocate with them than go with someone else, I was actually out of contract, but iPrimus aren't too bad and they have Australian's manning there customer service and tech support help lines, sorry, but to me that is important, not a deal breaker, but I prefer to speak to Australians and it helps to keep Aussies employed, which is a good thing in this day and age of outsourcing everything by companies. I must say though while the connection was being located we found out iPrimus had been sold, time will tell whether things turn to shit with the new owners or hopefully not.

I moved to Essendon North I won't put my new address here, well because I just don't want to, but here's what ADSL2+ website says You are 1012 m from NESS as the crow flies. Estimated cable length of 1568.6 m. Estimated speed of 17000 Zone 1 so as you can see I am a lot closer to the telephone exchange I will post my speed results below

From the Oz Broadband Speed Test website

From the website

As you can see my speeds are very decent now compared to what I used to get at my previous residence and I am over the moon, I still want the NBN but until that eventuates if ever I am more than happy with the results, finally I can use my previously unused Draytek 120 modem. If we had the NBN, everybody, no matter how far you live from your telephone exchange would get the speed that they had signed up for, this will be the difference of what we have now, 100 times better internet access with the NBN, I say 100 times better because it will fix so many problems with our ageing copper network that Telstra has a monopoly on at the moment. So you may not want to vote for a Labor government at the next election but just remember, if you vote for the Liberal/National coalition they will destroy the NBN, no doubt about it!

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