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Monday, 28 May 2012

Alsafe Domestic and Commercial Self Storage Campbellfield - Review

I moved premises recently, I had about a week to organise everything, I was moving from a two bedroom unit/small house to basically what is classed as a "bedsit" about 1/3 of the size of where I was previously. Most would say why the hell would you do that? I moved from Meadow Heights to Essendon North do I need to say more, didn't think so, plus I have a disability (multiple sclerosis) so I also despise being stuffed around, I need things to be easy and sometimes I need things explained more than once.

I didn't have the money to get a removalist and have them organise it all, so a friend has a Ute and I have a station wagon, anyway I needed to put some of the bigger things into storage until I knew exactly what I required at my new place and what could actually "fit in", always a pain, each new house is different what fits here might not fit into the new place. So I consulted google and the Yellow pages and found a company that wasn't too far away from both houses,

I found Alsafe Domestic and Commercial Self Storage in Campbellfield, I'm always wary of dealing with new businesses, though dealing with this business was a pleasure, mainly because of the lovely lady Rose who we dealt with. Nothing was too difficult for her (within reason), I was lucky enough to be able to get some funding help organised by a social worker at the MS Society, I won't mention her name because I didn't ask if I could lol.

Rose was very helpful with having to liase with the social worker and myself as we tried to organise everything, it all went smoothly, the storage units were clean and secure and very easy to access, so all in all a great experience that I am very thankful for, I definitely recommend Alsafe for your storage needs.

Alsafe Domestic and Commercial Self Storage
1726 Hume Hwy
Victoria 3061
Tel: 03 9359 1439

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