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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mercatus - Shop Online for Fresh Food and Groceries - review

Mercatus is now closed!

As I have said before elsewhere, I've recently moved house, it is a new journey in exploring and finding the services and shops you need to access, at the moment I am on a "whole type foods" kick, I much prefer having food delivered rather than going into actual "bricks and mortar" stores, in fact I prefer to get everything delivered these days where possible. It removes that impulse buying and that queuing at the checkout which I abhor, oh and don't get me started on the parking lol.

I usually use Coles Online and although they are acceptable and I have no major problems with the online shopping service they offer, they did piss me off recently with a stupid survey that was more like a fucking Psychometric test than a regular survey, so I have decided that I need to look elsewhere for my online food shopping, although I will still use Coles until I can source the things I need from other suppliers but I am on a mission to not use Coles Online any more if I can achieve that, I will be happy. This is my review of  Mercatus

Enter the new player, for me anyway, in my new area of residence "Mercatus"

So far I have had one delivery and just made my second order today, as I say I am on a mission to find the best quality food at a decent price that I can order online and have it delivered to my door, so far the whole Mercatus shopping experience has been top notch, please understand that it's not just about prices for me it's also about the ordering and payment options and the website, I can categorically say that the website is excellent, it's easy to navigate, easy to understand, no stupid bloody pop ups or confusing "systems", immediate payment by credit card, none of this taking the money out some time during the following week crap, like going into a regular shop, I need to pay for what I want right then and there, I am referring to my rather frustrating experience with "Aussie Farmers Direct" which I ranted about previously.

Mercatus so far, ticks all the boxes for me, of course I have only placed two orders and one of them will be delivered next Tuesday, but first impressions couldn't really be any better, Mercatus will definitely be my main place to get meat (of all kinds), seafood and whatever fresh vegetables I need, they even have a "Game Meat" section and other cuts you don't seem to be able to get from supermarket butchers and let's face it supermarkets often have poor quality meat and vegetables when you compare them to your local butcher or fruit and veg stores. Anyway before you get all excited with my wonderful review of Mercatus, you should first check out where they deliver to, click the following link below for that information luckily I am in the "zone" woo hoo.

Don't forget with delivery, sometimes it might be possible to get the food delivered to your place of work rather than your home, if you have a cool boss this will be much easier lol.

In summing up, I am an online shopper whenever I can do it the online way, so I do have experience with other stores, I know what I am talking about and I have no affiliation with Mercatus, but I do believe in giving credit for a job well done and I also think that if I can help a good business flourish it means I will have ongoing access to a decent place to buy my food. I dislike supermarkets, despise large shopping centres and prefer to have my food delivered where possible, like the old days :) . Oh and they use paper bags just like the old days, I love it!

Mercatus is now closed!

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