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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tony Abbott Classics

This will just have Youtube vids that I have collected ;o) I cannot believe that the Liberal party have this guy as their leader, this is Australia's current opposition leader, god help us! Tony Abbott lives in the 50s, he is way out of step with the Australian public, he is a whore for Big Business and has little regard for the average working class Australian, Tony Abbott is not to be trusted. Tony Abbott is a religious fanatic and cannot see the need to separate church from state. Tony Abbott is not to be trusted. Anyhow here are just a few of many Tony Abbott videos showing him to be in no way competent to run Australia, I want the National Broadband Network to be built to completion, if Tony Abbott is elected Prime Minister the NBN will be shelved, let's not let that happen!

Julia Gillard spanks Tony Abbott in parliament

In Australia at the moment we have a female Prime Minister and a Sexist gutter mouthed politician for our Opposition leader, Julia Gillard finally spoke with passion and totally destroyed Tony Abbott (Mad Monk), she showed the world exactly what this poor excuse of a human being is all about, he is a misogynist without a doubt! So let's start the with a great explanation of why Tony Abbott should never be Prime Minister of this great country Australia. watch out ladies, if he gets in you'll be chained up in the kitchen

Now for the star of this page, the Mad Monk himself, he is such a tool lmao

Never forget the Liberal National Party Lies

Tony Abbott and his lieberal party lied constantly at the last election, please, never forget these lies, the Liberal Party lied their way into power no ifs or buts. It's not good enough for the idiots who voted for this moron to now say "well, all politicians lie" do all right wingers lie?

The Tony Abbott Wobble

Apparently the stunned mullet head nodding goes for about 80 seconds, the footage was "cut" so it would fit into news reports, the news, bloggers and commentators, seem to have settled on twenty seconds now so let's go with that.


Phoney Tony Abbott caught out

What can you say? Tony Abbott is a Liar!


Tony Abbott - 50's man

This idiot Tony Abbott is so out of touch, he really is the !950's man doesn't believe in technology, doesn't believe in the Internet, the guy is a Cretin.

Tony Abbott - Peak Speed Broadband Shame - (7.30 Report ABC)

Tony Abbott Tech Illiterate Bozo in action!

Fuck you Tony Abbott

Was Lily Allen thinking about the Mad Monk?


Tony Abbott Time Warp

Yep he is living in the 50's

The Abbott Family

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