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Monday, 20 September 2010

It's been a long time coming!

The first email address I ever had was a Hotmail account, a lovely girl I was going out with at the time (she really was sweet) helped me sign up, not sure why as I didn't have a computer at that stage, I did buy my first computer not long after though, I learned a valuable lesson from that girl, she helped me realise that I was not cut out to have a relationship with the opposite sex (the first of many) lol. It wasn't anything she said as such, well apart from the usual, it's not you it's me, except in this case I think she said it's not me, it's you lol, she was at least honest, I couldn't disagree with her, now could I, there was no anger or sadness on my part at least. I suppose sucking on a dirty bong with a mate in front of her didn't help matters, she was a good girl, one you take home to mum. She helped me realise, for some of us that come from a broken home, it's difficult to believe that marriage and the white picket fence is anything but a fantasy.

Anyway that's a story for another time, suffice it to say, I am still single, not that I didn't still keep trying, but with each venture into the relationship game, it became glaringly obvious I wasn't cut out for it, such is life!
So today I finally deleted that first ever Hotmail email account that the sweet girl helped me create, all the people on my list were slowly heard from less and less, till I never saw anyone online for about twelve months, I think the gods are trying to tell me something, derrrr, right! So I deleted that sucker and it felt good. I had deleted my Yahoo account about six months before, I aint so self concious about that, I don't think anyone uses Yahoo anymore do they? Now I only use Gmail for my webmail and of course I have numerous email accounts from the domains I own, so getting rid of two unused webmail accounts only seems logical, well to me anyway.

A Google account has everything I want and need moving into the latter half of my life, when I'm seventy (if I make it that far), no doubt google will have "Geriatric (get off my lawn) Gmail" by then (Beta of course), default large fonts, corrective voice prompts when you hit the wrong key or forget to logout, sending you an email each day that you have to reply to so they know you are still alive, if you don't reply they automatically contact a loved one that never visits or some state agency that specialises in sticking their nose into other peoples business. Email you when it's time to take your pills and when to urinate and or change your geriatric nappy, track you with your Android mobile in case you can't remember where you live, the possibilities are endless.

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