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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The BUZZ Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette

I am a huge fan of the Genuine Joye eGos, they are a very good standard ecig that has some great options and accessories. I found though that I need a little more bite so to speak.

I wanted a VV but couldn't justify the money to buy it, I knew of the Provari ecig and wanted one of those, but didn't want to spend the cash they were asking. Enter the Buzz, about $50 cheaper and a bit more "industrial looking", you also have to adjust the voltage with a wee screwdriver, which can be a hassle, though it is easy enough to find that perfect voltage to vapourise you fave ejuice.

The Buzz - Variable Voltage

I bought mine from Nelson over at
Ecigs Warehouse Australia

I am not sure if Nelson is still selling them, so you will have to ask.

510 threaded Adapters

The Buzz has a standard 510 thread for you to screw your atty to, I like the "eGo type B atomizers" they have great options and juice capacity whether cartridges or now the new tanks for the "eGo-T" variety of atty and tank.
The "mega eGo" type attys don't sit flush with the Buzz, they have that skirt that is longer than where the atty thread finishes. You need to get a 510 >>> 510 extender of some type, I have found the perfect size, well maybe not perfect but it certainly does the job.
Shorty 510 > 510 adapter - Clouds of Vapor

Clouds of Vapor have some other great products as well, I ordered what I wanted and was here in Australia within about a week.
The standard "eGo-T atty and tank works great with the Buzz voltage set at about 4.2 volts, it's a great vape indeed.

more to come!

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