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Friday, 1 July 2011

Facebook Killer? - Google +

I just got an invite to Google's new social network application, Google Plus, looks really good so far, not being a facebook fan I have been waiting for someone else to bring something out. I guess it needs lots of people who have been invited so people don't get bored and pissed off waiting. I will add some more later when I have had a play ;o)

Here is a story on it

Circles – The easiest way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents and almost nothing with your boss
Sparks – A feed of only the things that you're really into, so when you're free, there's always something waiting to be watched, read or shared
Hangouts – Let friends know that you're free for a video hangout, any time, anywhere. Then catch up, watch YouTube or... just hangout
Instant Upload – Taking photos is fun. Sharing photos is fun. Getting photos off your phone is pretty much the opposite of fun. With Instant Upload, your photos and videos upload themselves automatically, to a private album on Google+. All you have to do is decide who to share them with.
Huddle – Texting is great, but not when you’re trying to get six different people to decide on a movie. Huddle turns all those different conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page all at once. Your thumbs will thank you

You can see a Google plus demo here
If you already have an invite and want to invite someone else, click on share, that is a box that drops down, add something in there, like "Here is an invite to Google Plus", under that you will see a blue link "+ Add circles or people to share with", when you click that enter their gmail address, Don't let your mouse go out of the drop down box, then click share, they should get an invite to join, here you just click on the button in that email.
I am loving there photo albums, you can share your albums with people in your rings, rings can be just yourself and another person or you can add more to a ring.

the Google+ project for mobile

Real-life sharing rethought for the web, wherever you are.

Get Your Facebook News Feed In Google+ And Update Your Status

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