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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Raspberry Pi - Installing Sabnzbd and Transmission

I have just one unit, I decided to get the Pi to see if it could run Torrents and Usenet on the one box, a low energy alternative to running a desktop pc 24/7. I have managed to have a very workable solution, for Torrents, I use Transmission, for Usenet, I use Sabnzbd, I am using the Raspbian OS for the Raspberry Pi. I used a combination of CLI and Gui on the Desktop to configure settings etc.

I did reinstall the Operating System once so far, I'm always fiddling with things so it was all my own fault. For the latest install I used the new Noobs Installer, not a bad way to go for what I needed, it all worked perfectly. I will list the tutorials that helped me to install Sabnzbd and TransmissionBT. It's all been a great success, I might try XBMC on a Pi next...

Transmission installed on the Pi

I just found a decent tutorial on the web for installing Transmission, the following link served me well, of course you may need to tweak a few things, change a few paths etc.
Click the link below for a "how to" for installing Transmission Daemon on the Raspberry Pi

Sabnzbd Installed on the Pi

Once again I searched for the appropriate "How to" online for installing Sabnzbd on the Raspberry Pi and once again you may need to tweak and adjut things for your install.
Click the link below for a "how to" for installing Sabnzbd on the Raspberry Pi

I will also list information on other needed software etc. I followed the tutorials above to set everything up, I also don't run the same settings on the Raspberry Pi as I would on a Desktop PC, I try not to stress the little Pi out too much.

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