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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Do Not Knock - Salespeople - Get the Sticker!

I'm not sure how long these stickers have been around, but I heard about them and ordered some, if you don't like being disturbed by door to door salespeople I suggest you do the same, order a few to give to friends, family and neighbours, I think it is also important we protect our vulnerable from these leeches, give one to elderly friends and neighbours, so they don't get sucked in by these door to door liars, they work on commission, so they do anything to get a sale. Wouldn't it be great to get your whole street on board.

Well I have had the "Do Not Knock" sticker attached to my front door for a few weeks now and I have not had one salesman, of course they may not be in the area at the moment, I will report back with an update if anything changes in regards to door knocking salesman.
Legal status of "Do Not Knock" Sticker

The short version:
A salesperson who ignores your do not knock sticker is committing trespass.
When displayed in a prominent location – such as on your gate post or by the front door – a Do Not Knock sticker sends a clear message to salespeople – they are not welcome at this address.
Request your stickers from the following link
Or get them from the following link, go down the list and look for "Do Not Sticker" in the list, you can choose stickers and flyers, I just entered "10" in the sticker quantity field, filled in my details, now I wait!
Or print your own if you like
Got a sticker but they just keep on knocking? This is rare, but we’ve heard of a few isolated cases. Don’t let them get away with it!
Edit: Update
These "Do Not Knock" stickers are absolutely wonderful, they definitely deter door to door salespeople, never get door knockers any more, get a few and give them to friends :o)

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